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Solar Controllers provide a vital function in every active solar thermal application. Whether controlling a simple two-sensor domestic hot water system or a multi-functional commercial application, a solar controller will guarantee the balance and overall function of any thermal solar system.

At varying degrees of sophistication and size, VM controllers all offer the most basic function of controlling the hydronic pump:

The collector sensor (C), positioned at the solar collector, picks up the rise in temperature. The return sensor (R) is  positioned such that it measures the temperature of the heat transfer liquid returning to the collector. The difference between these two temperatures is referred to as Delta T (∆T). When ∆T is set to recommended setting, the collector temperature (C) must rise at least by ∆T degrees above the return temperature (R) before the pump will operate.


The following Differential Temperature Controllers offer maximum operating efficiency and flexibility to effectively manage today's innovative thermal energy systems. Our products are designed to operate a wide range of thermal applications such as swimming pool heating, domestic water heating, multiple application intergration,and sophisticated space heating and cooling.

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Analog Differential Controller

USDT 2005 is an Analog Temperature Differential Controller. Its installation and operation is extremely simple
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USDT 2005 serves also as a Boiler Temperature Controller in its BOILER (L) operational mode
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Boiler Temperature Controller

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Universal Differential Controller

USDT2004 is designed to control a simple solar hot water system.It is replacd by USDT 3004.
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USDT 2004 calculates energy collection and replaced by USDT 3004.
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USDT 2004 Energy Calculator 

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USDT 3002

The USDT 3002 controller has inputs for four temperature sensors/flow meter capability. It is replaced by USDT 3004.

The SMT 100 Differential controller is replaced by USDT 3004.
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Differential Controller with Auxiliary Relay

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Pump Control Unit

The Pump Control Unit is a compact unit containing all the necessary fittings for easy installation.
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The SMT 400 Differential controller serves also as an energy monitoring and management system. It is replaced by USDT 3004.
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