Solar Collector Inclination

The most desired angle of Inclination to mount the solar collector is the local Latitude. Positive difference between Latitude and Roof angle results better system performance in winter. Lower Solar Collector mounting angle than the local Latitude will result in greater system performance in summer.
Variations of Solar Collector tilt angle for architectural reasons can be compensated with
additional VM tubes.


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Angle of Inclination = Difference between Local Latitude and Roof Angle

To heat 375 liters of water at a job site with a local Annual Insolation of 1400 hours, roof orientation of 30 ° West of South, and an inclination difference of 10 °, you need 45 VM tubes. size_c.gif (29976 bytes)

The above graph illustrates the need for 45 VM tubes in meeting the hot water requirement. For best results, a 375 liters solar hot water storage tank should be used.


In the following four pages we are going to size a solar water heating system for a family of five. They have a hot water requirement of 50 liters per day, per person, with a local Annual Insolation of 1400 hours. Orientation of the roof is 30° West of South. The local Latitude is 45° and the roof angle 35° (inclination difference 10°). If your property is located in the US, go directly to US Insolation Charts.

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