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Maryland Solar Energy  Grant Program

This site is dedicated to the latest solar energy innovative technologies. It is resource center for homeowner, energy managers, architects, planners, engineers, and students. We suggest a wide range of solar energy applications and installations. Factors to consider for Calculating, Designing, Positioning, and Installing Solar Energy Systems are addressed. 

Please refer to Federal Supply Contract Number GS-07F-0459M for Federal Supply Price List Schedule: SIN 206-3 & SIN 206-98
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The Solar

For eight days in October 2002, 14 student teams competed to capture, convert, store, and use enough solar energy to power our modern lifestyle in Washington, D. C. The Solar Water Heating System supplied by Thermo Technologies scored highest point. 
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Maryland Solar Energy Grant Program and Award-Winning Solar System Installations
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Solar House


Enjoy Residential Installation photos. The following applications are recommended in northern climates:

Domestic Hot Water

Radiant Heating
Swimming Pool Heating
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Selected Commercial Water Heating Projects:

Process Hot Water

Space Heating
Swimming Pool Heating
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Water Heating Products 

Detailed technical information about heat pipe, vacuum, memory metal spring, and advanced solar heating  technologies and designs are offered here.
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We are committed to technical leadership in the renewable industry including design consultation and coordination of PV system installation.
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Solar Electric
(PV) Products

Project Management Services

Do you want us to help you with your commercial or residential projects? We provide a comprehensive range of services for all the three pre-launch, launch and post-launch phases in the life cycle of your projects.
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Thermo Technologies is the right center for all your electronics manufacturing needs. Our business strategic alliances in Canada and Europe provide a comprehensive range of manufacturing services.
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